Springbrook Animal Care Center – Who Else Wants Fewer Homeless Animals?

The Springbrook Animal Care Center in Naperville, Illinois has aided in the adoption of more than ten thousand shelter animals since its founding in 2003. And as laudable as that is, the sad fact is that it represents a mere drop in the bucket in the issue of animal overpopulation.

On average, more than seven and a half million companion animals wind up in shelters in the United States every year. Most of them, not surprisingly, are dogs and cats, and most of them are strays, although a significant number are animals that have been given up by their owners. More than two and a half million of those animals that enter shelters each year end up being euthanized, because they cannot be placed in permanent homes.

These are tragic numbers, and the American Humane Association says that the cause is a matter of simple arithmetic: there are more pets in the United States than there are responsible homes for them. The solution that they advocate is sterilization, the spaying or neutering of those dogs and cats who end up in shelters. The AHA supports laws and regulations that would require all cats and dogs who enter shelters be sterilized. This, they say, is the only way to control the problem of pet overpopulation.

The Springbrook Animal Care Center provides spaying and neutering services, and offer their customers preventative care plans to help with the cost of the procedures. These plans include exam and lab testing. They recommend that all puppies and kittens be spayed or neutered when they are between four and six months of age. The procedures have no ill effect on the pet’s personality, playfulness, intelligence, or affection.





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Springbrook Animal Care Center – Eighty Million Cats and Dogs

The Springbrook Animal Care Center has been serving the Naperville, Illinois area since 2003, and during those years has helped to place more than ten thousand shelter animals in loving homes.

There are millions of dogs and cats available for adoptions, or rescues, at animal shelters all across the country. The facts about animals and adoptions are staggering: according to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, the true number of homeless animals in the United States is unknown, and the numbers provided to the public are just estimates.

With that caveat in mind, the ASPCA says that there are some 7.6 million animals entering animal shelters in the United States each and every year. The vast majority of them are dogs and cats, and about half of them end up being euthanized. But many more also find safe and loving homes.

Nearly half of the people who have pets – and there are an estimated seventy to eighty million companion dogs and cats in the U.S. – learned about their pet through word-of-mouth. Most people get their pets from friends and family members, and about twenty-nine percent are adopted from shelters or are rescues. Unfortunately, many people who bring home a pet end up relinquishing it: either giving it away to someone else, or placing it in an animal shelter. The most common reason given by those giving up a pet is that their home doesn’t allow pets. Other common reasons given are that personal circumstances have changed, such as being divorced, and they can no longer care for a pet, or that their place of residence does not allow pets.

Facilitating animal adoptions is a key function of the Springbrook Animal Care Center, and they keep available pets listed on their website.


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Springbrook Animal Care Center – Everything Under One Roof

The Springbrook Animal Care Center in Naperville, Illinois has been in business since 2003, and are known as the “Pet Experts.” The Center offers comprehensive pet care needs under one roof, and are the only veterinarian hospital in their area with after-hours emergency service.

“We provide complete one-stop care for all your pet needs,” a Springbrook staffer said. “Our services are affordable, and we save you time and money by having everything under one roof.” The veterinary care hospital has an experienced staff of veterinarians who provide for all of their clients’ needs.

The Center is open seven days a week and offers a non-appointment system. All you need to do is visit with your pet during regular hospital hours to see the next available vet. Of course, you also have the option of calling ahead, if there is a particular vet that you would like to see. But all the vets at Springbrook work closely with one another to provide each patient with the care and attention that they deserve.

“Being a retired veterinarian myself,” said one Springbrook client, “Springbrook Animal Care Center is not only a very unique and ultra clean facility, the staff there are truly professional and friendly. Springbrook as I have seen it is more than updated with their veterinarian care services … I believe that they go above and beyond other ordinary pet care institutions.”

It is the mission of the Springbrook Animal Care Center to provide each animal that comes in with the most advanced and comprehensive veterinary care possible.




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Springbrook Animal Care Center – Overnight Staffing

The Springbrook Animal Care Center opened in Naperville, Illinois in 2003, and has been providing veterinary needs to the surrounding community ever since. Then as now, their mission is to provide the dogs, cats, birds, reptiles and pocket pets that come under their care with the most advanced and comprehensive veterinary care available anywhere.

The services available at Springbrook include preventive health care and veterinary services, along with such standard pet care as grooming and doggy day care. In addition, they have aided in the adoption of more than ten thousand pets since first opening their doors. The Springbrook team works closely together to provide each patient with an extraordinary level of attention and care.

The pet care professionals at the Springbrook Animal Care Center understand that household pets become members of a family, and that their owners want the best for them. “We take the commitment you make to your pet seriously,” one staff member said. “We are dedicated to treating every animal that comes through our doors with the same care, compassion, and expertise we would use with our own pets.”

Unlike many veterinary offices, the Springbrook Animal Care Center hospital has overnight staffing and on-call veterinarians. Pets might become ill at any time of the day, so pet owners can call them in the middle of the night to get information and find out whether the pet needs immediate medical attention or can wait to be treated the next day. Their goal has always been to provide the most complete veterinary care through pet wellness care options and surgical services.

“Checkup and shots for our cat, Mickey, went smoothly,” said one pet owner, who came to the Springbrook Animal Care Center. “He has never been so comfortable in a veterinarian’s office.”
“I was very pleased with the service given to Oreo and myself,” said another. “They were very caring and gentle with Oreo, even if he just came in for a grooming. The girl Oreo had was very good with him … also the staff was very nice. I will bring Oreo back.”

The Springbrook Animal Care Center is open seven days a week. Pet owners can bring their pets in without an appointment and meet with the next available vet. They can also set up an appointment with the veterinarian of their choice. The facility offers overnight observation for sick or post-operative pets, owners can be assured that their pet is receiving constant monitoring and the best possible care.

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Springbrook Animal Care Center: Spay and Neutering

The Springbrook Animal Care Center is a respected veterinarian clinic and facility with many different plans and services all designed to keep your pet prospering. With their highly trained and certified staff, you can rest easy knowing that your pet is in good hands. One of the many different services that the facility provides is spaying and neutering. The facility recommends that a pet is spayed or neutered while they are still very young, at about 4 to 6 months. It is in this age range that your pet is likely to get the most out of the health benefits that spaying and neutering can provide. This also prevents animal overpopulation, and can help avoid life-threatening medical conditions later down the road.

It is important to note that spaying or neutering your pet is not likely to cause changes in their personality, weight, or intelligence. The process is also quick and clean, as neutered pets are often sent home the same day they undergo the procedure. However, it is important to assess the physical health of your pet before they undergo the procedure. That is why you should always get a routine exam from your vet first to make sure your pet is a good candidate to be spayed or neutered. A spaying is a more complex procedure, and usually requires a pet to stay overnight. Once the procedure is finished however, your pet is likely to have better overall health.

The Springbrook Animal Care Center offers spaying and neutering services with modern techniques.

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Springbrook Animal Care Center ,LLC : Emergency Services

The Springbrook Animal Care Center has been offering a wide range of modern and advanced techniques and approaches to pet care. They accomplish this with a highly trained and dedicated staff of professionals who are both passionate and knowledgeable. Among the many unique and useful services they provide, pet emergency services are one of their most comprehensive. If you often worry about the health and well-being of your pet, this center offers 24 hour emergency veterinarian services that are available 7 days a week. This kind of on-call emergency service is not offered by all vets, so you should ask whether this emergency service care is provided by your current veterinarian.

springbrook animal care center llc 1
Sometimes an emergency arises and your pet simply needs to be seen as soon as possible, that is why this care center offers their on-call services outside of normal business hours. The facility even offers a specialized overnight observation service to ensure that your pet is close to a qualified veterinarian at all times in the event that something goes wrong. These emergency services can allow you to rest easy and know your pet is in capable and caring hands. With emergency, 24 hour services you will no longer have to wait for the morning to see a vet when a pressing problem arises with your pet. Finally your animal can be treated the way that it deserves to be, with rapid diagnosis and treatment in a comfortable and warm atmosphere.

The Springbrook Animal Care Center is a facility that offers emergency pet care around the clock.

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On-Site Pharmacy : Springbrook Animal Care Center

The Springbrook Animal Care Center is a veterinarian’s facility that offers a wide array of different services for pet owners like you. They have an experienced and dedicated staff that is committed to ensuring the health and prosperity of your pets. That is why among their many services they also have an on-site pharmacy that is full-service, and stocked with all of the prescriptions your pet may need. The advantages of an on-site pharmacy include being able to fill your prescriptions immediately after they are recommended by your vet. The on-site pharmacy can also allow you to pick up preventative medicines like heartworm, flea and tick medications at affordable prices from reliable professionals you can trust.

Another advantage of an on-site pharmacy is that they are usually capable of compounding a wide range of different medications, which allow the pharmacy to meet the unique individual needs of your pet. This can include dose adjustments, tweaks, and changes that a disconnected pharmacy could not offer. An on-site pharmacy allows for the customization and personalization of medicine for your pets. It takes the bureaucracy out of medicine and adds that valuable personal touch that can make all the difference when it comes to your pet’s health. The on-site pharmacy can also change the administration method of the medicine for you if you are having trouble getting your pet to take their medicine. These are just some of the advantages an on-site pharmacy offers.

The Springbrook Animal Care Center has an on-site pharmacy in their facility.

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