Springbrook Animal Care Center – Eighty Million Cats and Dogs

The Springbrook Animal Care Center has been serving the Naperville, Illinois area since 2003, and during those years has helped to place more than ten thousand shelter animals in loving homes.

There are millions of dogs and cats available for adoptions, or rescues, at animal shelters all across the country. The facts about animals and adoptions are staggering: according to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, the true number of homeless animals in the United States is unknown, and the numbers provided to the public are just estimates.

With that caveat in mind, the ASPCA says that there are some 7.6 million animals entering animal shelters in the United States each and every year. The vast majority of them are dogs and cats, and about half of them end up being euthanized. But many more also find safe and loving homes.

Nearly half of the people who have pets – and there are an estimated seventy to eighty million companion dogs and cats in the U.S. – learned about their pet through word-of-mouth. Most people get their pets from friends and family members, and about twenty-nine percent are adopted from shelters or are rescues. Unfortunately, many people who bring home a pet end up relinquishing it: either giving it away to someone else, or placing it in an animal shelter. The most common reason given by those giving up a pet is that their home doesn’t allow pets. Other common reasons given are that personal circumstances have changed, such as being divorced, and they can no longer care for a pet, or that their place of residence does not allow pets.

Facilitating animal adoptions is a key function of the Springbrook Animal Care Center, and they keep available pets listed on their website.



About Springbrook Animal Care Center

The Springbrook Animal Care Center,LLC Naperville ,IL United States is a veterinarian clinic and grooming facility that offers a wide array of different services. Their comprehensive care includes modern and advanced techniques that give pet owners the ease of mind that their furry friends are in good hands. This modern and well-equipped facility provides the latest in veterinarian health care and services you cannot find elsewhere.
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